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so thing is my first entry decided to blog so i decided to do it about my day to day life, starting off with hi i am kearnna, i am 20years of age from australian with 2 beautiful children, and in love with the father of my children. 

arrrggghhh got the monster in law coming to stay for the night, i am going to go insane!!!!!!!! and with christmas a few days away the final spring clean is fully underway, so i have had to go on energiser mode to finish it all today so the house is clean when she arrives. kids decided to have eggs for breakfast and then peanut butter sandwiches for lunch a mix of crumbs is left on my floor waiting for me to vacuum them up, but have decided to wait and have a nice cold drink and a smoke before i resume the frantic clean, washing is nilly all done thank god!!!!! i have to admit i love the look of a full clothes line, makes me feel like i have accomplished something great that day. 

in the lead up to christmas i still have so much to do, still waiting on a few parcels to arrive with presents, also have to pay the last lay-by off, as well as get the last bit of food, and put together a tramp, cubby house, seesaw, toddler bed and a desk for the big morning, not to mention spend half the night at mums christmas eve cooking and having a few drinks to celebrate that we survived the shopping rage, in town.

will let u know how the monster in law visit goes tomorrow, gotta go get back to the cleaning and kids destroying it after i have just cleaned it 

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